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Some are truly committed to their own success, determined to secure a challenging career where their hard work and drive will lead to quick progression and financial success. These are the Grads that the SuperGrad Programme has been designed for. SuperGrad specialises in Graduate Recruitment - placing graduates in the highest performing, niche headhunting and Sales firms in the City.

You’re a SuperGrad when:

You're exceptional.

It’s an attitude, an approach to life. It’s about making the most of the opportunity you have been given.

You aim for the best.

Are you determined to go big in your career? Is your vision for your future bright and exciting? Are you looking to be ‘kind of a big deal’ in the city?

To achieve big things you must work hard.

That’s why they are very well suited to the highly meritocratic environment of recruitment or sales where their hard work will be rewarded.

You're naturally competitive.

Whether this is shown through playing sport, being entrepreneurial or simply wanting to always beat your last performance; SuperGrads love to compete.

You push when things get tough.

In fact, challenge is something that they seek out as they know this will make them stronger and allow them to see what they are truly capable of.

Success is a necessity.

Being successful is your Plan A, and you don’t have a Plan B. If you have the attitude to make it, then let us help you reach the top in recruitment or sales!

Check out our Traits of a SuperGrad infographic to see a more comprehensive list of what we look for. If you feel this is you, and you are determined to build a successful career in the city, apply to the SuperGrad Programme now.

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