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SuperGrad is a small company making a big impact at the top end of the executive recruitment / headhunting industry. Success is what we focus on and for this reason we only work with those individuals who do the same, people for whom success is a ‘must’. Maybe you want to work for one of our clients or to work with SuperGrad directly. Either way, you will want to know who we are.


Our values

01. Believe in Big.

We all have an innate ability to shine and if we focus on putting the best version of ourselves out into the world we know good things will happen. Our journey has begun. Where we go from here is our choice. It’s time to go big!

02. Passion for the opportunity.

Appreciating the golden opportunity that life represents gives us the passion to embrace it fully. We are committed to having a long-term vision, enjoying the moment and bringing energy and excitement to everything we do.

03. Respect ourselves and others.

We respect that everyone is on their own journey. We’ll be honest with you, support the success of those around us and above all respect ourselves and lose any negative self-talk.


What is a SuperGrad?

SuperGrads are those individuals determined to take full advantage of the opportunity that life presents, aiming high and not afraid of hard work. Those that qualify as a SuperGrad typically have; -       Graduated with a good degree from a well-regarded university -       Mental resilience and a positive attitude -       Experience in sales or recruitment -       Financially supporting yourself through lengthy work experience -       A competitive nature, yet professional manner -       All the traits as outlined in our Traits of a SuperGrad infogram If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Apply Now

What is The SuperGrad Programme?

The SuperGrad Programme is an exclusive Graduate Recruitment Coaching Scheme, teaching you how to manage your mindset, focus your energy and maximise your potential.
There are five stages to the SuperGrad Programme;

1.    You send us your updated application.

2.    If successful, we will contact you to arrange a brief informal telephone interview.

3.    Once approved, you will come in to our offices to meet with us. This is a challenging assessment that will ensure you’re ready for a role in Recruitment.

4.    Once accepted onto the SuperGrad Programme, you will be given advice on everything from how to present yourself, to the structure of your CV and professional etiquette, whilst being put forward to Executive Recruitment firms that match your personal and professional goals.

5.    Once placed in your dream job, you will then benefit from our exclusive coaching programme, ensuring you continue on the path to success.

How much does the SuperGrad Programme cost?

For you? Nothing!

Our clients pay a fee to us to find and subsequently coach you. They choose to work with us over other recruitment firms because they know that those who go through the SuperGrad Programme typically perform at a much higher level than the majority, able to generate more revenue and in much less time.

What do I need to do to get on The SuperGrad Programme?

To apply, simply upload your CV now.

If we believe you are a good fit for this exciting industry, you will then be invited to come into our office to interview with the team and/or undertake a video interview. Success in a face-to-face interview will secure your place on the programme.

Who is Co-Venture?

Co-Venture is the company that created and manages the SuperGrad Programme.
You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for even more resources, Graduate tips & tricks and all the industry insider information.

Why is this your best route into recruitment?

Simply put, by going through the SuperGrad Programme you are statistically more likely to be successful. It will also be an extremely enjoyable process where you will learn how develop mental resilience and deal with the moments of self doubt that are holding you back. It’s time to unleash your potential!

Want to get in touch with Us?

For most people, the next step is to apply to the SuperGrad Programme. However, if you have any further questions or would simply like to make contact, use the form below or call us.




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