At SuperGrad we meet graduates every day. Although they’re intelligent and ambitious, there are often many things that they could improve on – in their personal life, their professional one and especially in the interview room. It would certainly put you ahead of the pack if you could finish university with a basic knowledge around these subjects:



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Everyone has heard of it, but few graduates actually know any time management techniques or, if they do, they don’t implement them. It’s really important to make the most of your limited time. Especially in the case of graduates, procrastination is often the biggest enemy. This is why we help our candidates to set realistic goals, a well-thought plan on how to achieve them and a day-by-day guide on how to make it happen.



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When you get your first pay check, it’s exciting. Two days later, it’s depressing. Things like rent, bills and lunch food add up quickly and this can take you by surprise as you never had to deal with all this before. It’s hard to manage your money at first and many graduates can struggle with this. Fortunately, recruitment is a highly lucrative industry where you can earn a lot of money, so most of the graduates we work with don’t just survive, but actually live a pretty decent life in London.



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This is a common problem graduates face – school has taught them what to study and how to reproduce and quote facts and figures, but hasn’t really taught them HOW to understand what they are reading. This is a skill that every employer looks for in graduates – that they can actively get their head around something and understand it, not just be able to quote it. We find that this particular skill usually comes hand-in-hand with real work experience. If you’ve had a job during college, you probably understand this.



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To be the best you can be in your line of work, you have to read a lot – whether it’s newspapers, online publications or books, it’s impossible to have enough time to go through it all. This is where speed reading comes in handy. Even if it doesn’t make you a genius, it can help you get a preview of a book or the main topic of an article without having to read it all. Of course, comprehension is just as important as skimming, but this is a skill that comes in handy more times than you would think – especially for recruiters who have to go through thousands of CVs every day.



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There’s no surprise that the first house you rent is often overpriced and possibly the worst deal you ever made. Why? Because no one teaches you how to negotiate. If you haven’t had the fortune of having your parents teach you these basic life hacks, you’re on your own and have to learn from your mistakes, which can be unfortunate. Just think about how many times you could use negotiation – when buying a laptop, renting a house or even making your flatmate do some chores around the house for you. Needless to say, negotiation is a great skill to master before an interview!



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Most graduates we see have a terrible resume and don’t really know how to sell themselves in the interview room. Unfortunately, these are skills that are not usually taught as part of your university degree, so it’s down to you. You often need to educate yourself around these topics and the internet is a good place to start. You will find many useful resources on websites such as