We recently met Joe at a Grad Fair in London. He joined the SuperGrad Programme soon after and had secured a great job in a leading executive recruitment firm within 2 weeks of our first meeting. He popped into our office the day before his first day in the job to pick up his ‘SuperGrad Last Can of Beans’ award and this is what he had to say about his experience so far.


What attracted you to recruitment?

Well, loads of things really, the main one being obviously money. You can determine how much you earn – you get out what you put in. It’s also a really challenging role. It’s really competitive and I find that’s a driving force for motivation. It’s different from a sales role because you’re placing the right candidate with the right client and watching that person become successful. That’s amazing. I imagine it’s very rewarding. Apart from that, it’s just living in London, the thrill of the city life.

Tell me a bit about your journey with SuperGrad.

Well, I flew over to London and I had just heard about the graduate fair and so I thought that’s a good opportunity. On Tuesday morning I was suited and booted and went to the grad fair. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and so I went with it – I was just standing there and Alice (a SuperGrad consultant) started talking to me.

To be honest, I found it very casual from the start, we were just talking and then she asked me what I wanted. As soon as I found out that SuperGrad was a recruitment company, we booked a meeting.

I turned up the next day, didn’t overthink it, just thought I was turning up for a chat with these guys to see what they’re about. I guess that halfway through I realised “This is actually an interview!”. They seemed to like what they were seeing and I really liked what I was seeing so it really seemed like a good match. They said they were going to work with me so from there on I started interviewing (with their clients).

What did you learn during the SuperGrad training?

The Programme teaches you how to be confident and use things like tone and pitch, how to really engage with people and make them feel your presence in the room. It really just changed the whole way I think about interviews. It was really good for me because I had an interview just before I met with SuperGrad and I was able to see the transformation between that and my future interviews, it was a completely different ball game.

What mistakes were you making in your first interviews?

The thing I really liked about SuperGrad was that the day I came in for the interview, they made me think about the answers first and then they told me what I did wrong. There were things like speaking too fast, that was really the main thing for me I think, being from Ireland, where everyone speaks 100 miles/hour. But there were obviously a lot of little things to iron out too. Now that I’ve come through the process, thinking back, I don’t really remember them. So I guess that’s a good thing!

How did your interviews go?

There were three different companies I interviewed with. I got through the first stage with every one. In the end, I got offered a job by the company I was best suited for, so that worked out great. I got on really well with the people I spoke to at the interview, including the guy who finally hired me, we got along really well. After the interview he called me back for drinks with the team and to get to know everyone and that made me even more excited about it!

What do you think about SuperGrad?

I would definitely recommend the Programme for any graduate who is looking into recruitment. They’re extremely professional, always get back to you and just keep constant contact. They’re very feedback related and even after you get out of the interview you call them and you talk about what went good and what went not so good, so you’re actually constantly learning. They really make you think about yourself and about how you’re going to approach the next interview.

SuperGrad is completely invested in you and I really felt that when I joined the Programme. Even before I started I could just completely feel that the investment paid off and that this was the right thing for me. Even now at this point it’s not a matter of “OK, we’ve placed you into the job, bye-bye, see you later”, money in our pockets, it’s again constantly bringing you back and training you. They’re constantly investing in you and making you better, just pushing you to be successful. So if you want to come into the business and just do OK at it then fine, do it your own way, but if you want to really be successful, then I think SuperGrad is definitely the right answer.