You may have read my previous recruitment consultant blogs about accepting the past, learning from it and then planning for your future and letting go of any concerns about how it may turn out. Ultimately, what these blogs allude to is the huge power of being fully present in this moment right now. The benefits of doing so consistently are huge and include:

  • A richer experience of life
  • More success
  • More happiness

It’s amazing isn’t that you can simply change your thinking and then get all the benefits above. So why wouldn’t you?

1. Put Your Focus Where It Counts

The reality is that you can only affect the present moment. The past is gone and you can only affect the future by the actions you take in the present. You should therefore have all of your mental resources focused on delivering in the present moment. Although we like to think we can multi-task, research has shown that this is a fallacy. If you are undertaking more than one task at any time you will never get as much from each task as if you had focused on them exclusively. This is what happens when you divert your attention from the present moment to either the past or the future. You will be underperforming at the only time you can actually make a difference!

2. Have a Richer Experience

Some people struggle to let go of emotional attachment to the past or to the future. For example, two deals in a row have just fallen over. You feel bad about it and you can’t seem to get over it and move on. You keep holding on to it. For some people the idea of losing emotional attachment to their past and future would mean that they would become unemotional – almost inhuman – and therefore it is somehow impossible or even wrong to achieve. This couldn’t be further from the truth. By connecting strongly with the present moment (by letting go of your attachment to the past and future), this actually enables you to feel stronger emotions. We’ve all been there. You’re out with your friends or family and it should be a joyous occasion, but you don’t feel joy because your mind is elsewhere. Perhaps you’re guilty about something you did or didn’t do or concerned that you may not hit your monthly target. If you can focus on the present moment fully then what you will actually find is that your experience of life becomes a lot richer. An extension of this is to fully appreciate when things have gone well. Often things do go well. However, when I’m training candidates going through the SuperGrad programme, they will often not fully appreciate this when their minds are concerned about what didn’t go well or what might not go so well in the future. By fully focusing on the present moment, the candidate can fully accept what has happened and what they have achieved and in so doing they can fully appreciate when things have gone well. This can be hugely motivational.

3. Better Rapport

The ability to connect with the present moment also makes it a lot easier to connect with people and develop strong rapport. Rapport is the bedrock of every relationship. And, in the business of recruitment, your relationships are everything. Being present means really being there and not with your mind elsewhere. Being fully present with a client or candidate leads to clearer communication and, ultimately, a stronger feeling of connection. Increasing your ability to build rapport and relationships naturally leads to an increase in your success as a recruiter.

4. More Opportunities

Something else that will happen frequently when you are more present in the moment will be that you will spot more opportunities. I often see candidates on our going through the SuperGrad programme who, when carrying additional concerns and worries, will miss opportunities whilst on a call. They won’t notice that a person they’re speaking to could become a client or vice versa. They won’t spot that a candidate is open to giving them more leads. They will miss very obvious ‘buy’ signals and also fail to deal with objections. If you spot more opportunities you are also in a position to take advantage of them. And this along with an increase with rapport will naturally lead to much greater success as a recruiter.

5. Be Happy – Avoid the Work Life Blur

You will also significantly increase your levels of happiness and your overall experience of life by living moment to moment, appreciating each and every day as it unfolds. This is something you can do without giving up any of your long-term goals. You don’t have to choose between success and having a joyful life. Everyone has heard of getting a work life balance, but most people end up with a work life blur. When they are away from work they are thinking about work and when they are at work they are not solely focused on the task at hand. This is both exhausting and unproductive. It is far better to separate the two by living in the moment.


I fully appreciate that right now you may be someone who spends time thinking and wishing that the past was different and worrying that the future will go according to plan. This is totally understandable. This is most likely how you have been taught to operate in the world. The main point here is that this is learned behavior and if you’ve learnt it you can also unlearn it. I want to be completely clear: living in the now, is purely a shift in the way you think. It won’t cost you a penny, you won’t have to do anything and there really are no downsides. So it really is a no brainer. There is so much to be gained by living in the moment. By contrast, an inability to live in the moment and to focus your attention on what you are doing in that moment is one of the biggest factors that leads to exhaustion, ever diminishing returns and unhappiness in your role. So, make a commitment to keeping your attention to what you are doing in the moment and enjoy all the many benefits that this will bring.

Nick Broughton is a thought-leader in how to use mindset training to unlock a consultant’s full potential. He runs the SuperGrad programme which helps top-performing graduates find their dream jobs in sales and makes sure they succeed, with an enviable track record of consistently helping consultants to dramatically step-change their production.

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