In a midst of the fantastic array of sport on display at BUCS Big Wednesday, are the coaches, staff, medics and Directors of Sport that dedicate their time, devotion and effort to the students and their sports. With Loughborough University a strong presence in the BUCS Big Wednesday Finals, we caught up with Jennie Cooper, Athletic University President at Loughborough and talked sport, graduates and everything in between…

“Its my role to look after the 54 sports club but also represent the student view across the entirety of Loughborough University. During my time at Loughborough, I was part of the dance team for three years and also part of the intramural team for my hall. It’s an amazing experience for our athletes (to be here) and the support personnel, it’s a crucial few days, its really intense and good to have everybody stationed in one place, it’s a great atmosphere and it increases the importance of the event too.”

How can this help Graduates when it comes to looking for a Graduate career? “If you look at Sheffield Hallam’s research, it proves you are far more employable and you are more likely to earn more if you have a link to sport. That’s what a lot of the people here are doing. It brings amazing attributes to individuals, anything from leadership and teamwork to determination and perseverance. Communication as well; you need that in sport and most careers you go into. It’s a really tough time at the moment, also at the end of the day I think it is down to individual, its amazing there are these support networks there to help them but I think its up to for your own perseverance.” 

Interview by Tom Crabb – @Tom_Crabb
Photo by Alex Crane