With BUCS Big Wednesday in full swing, SuperGrad catch up with the CEO of British University College Sport- Karen Rothery to discuss the impact that BUCS has on students, their universities and how in turn, sport effects these Graduate’s employability. 

“It is one of our best events,” states Karen. “It’s really important that we give the students the best possible experience we can in what for many of them will be their best sporting achievement of their life and certainly a university experience.”

With so many Graduates coming out of university, jobs thin on the ground and the cost of a university education soaring- how can BUCS and SuperGrad help these students get the best out of their time studying? “Students who take part in sport, manage sport or lead their sports club, do have many advantages in the employment market- not only in terms of the skills they benefit from in terms of taking a leadership role, but also in terms of how employers view those skills and many of them we know actively look for people who have played sport at university. It runs through to better earnings, shorter periods of unemployment right throughout their working life so we know now with very strong evidence that students benefit from it and employers recognise it.”

So how can we ensure that students continue to appreciate these skills they’ve built up over their sporting university efforts? “I think because we’ve now been able to establish this link between sport and employment, it really helps to create an impression that there are employers out there who recognise what sports students can bring to a job. We can then help students with the skills they learn and what they can benefit from through playing sport.”

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Interview by Tom Crabb – @Tom_Crabb
Photo by Alex Crane