SuperGrad’s partnership with BUCS has led to an exciting development of the BUCS Big Wednesday Player of the Final Award. All winners will now also receive exclusive career and life coaching from SuperGrad and gain automatic entry into the SuperGrad Player of the Tournament competition, with the potential to win an amazing cash prize of £2,014.

How will this work?
A national competition, every SuperGrad Player of The Final 2014 winner will be profiled on their hard-work ethic, dedication to sport and determination for success, in a bid to convey why they deserve the title SuperGrad Player of the Tournament. Open to the general public, voters can choose who they believe to be the true SuperGrad Player of the Tournament by voting on a Player’s individual Player Profile, displayed on the SuperGrad website from May through to the end of June.

Players have the ability to promote themselves through their personal social media, providing family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and fellow sports-players the chance to show how proud they are of their SuperGrad’s success and dedication to their sport throughout university and college.

After voting closes at the end of June, the three SuperGrads with the most votes will be invited to attend the prestigious BUCS conference in July. The SuperGrad Player of the Final with the overall highest votes will be named SuperGrad BUCS Player of The Tournament 2014 and awarded their phenomenal £2,014 cash prize, in front of a crowd of sports icons, university directors and BUCS Big Wednesday stars. 

Good luck to all BUCS Big Wednesday competitors! 

Find out more about the BUCS & SuperGrad Partnership here.