With so many talented individuals in one place, day one of BUCS Big Wednesday has been awash with energy, excitement and above all else- competition. It is this combination of qualities that help these students become so successful and maintain the high standard of skill that they all possess.

For those that want a future career, these traits are ones that are held in high regards, especially with the SuperGrad team. Those that have been the most successful SuperGrads, are the ones that have the personality and mindset to overcome the toughest obstacles. “It wasn’t one of our strongest games but everyone pulled together at the end”, said Ali Thomas, who played GS for BUCS Netball Trophy winners Liverpool John Moore University. “We wanted it so badly and you could just tell from the win.”

It’s this kind of mentality that not only shines on the court, but off the court as well, “I think being in a sports team is massive” states Liverpool John Moore University Coach Carl Evans, “It teaches them a lot of skills, especially teamwork and communication skills, working in a group environment and it gives them a lot of character and experience to move on.” Indeed, it’s the ability to be able to pick yourself from a set-back that is just as important as having the desire for success in the first place- both in sport and in a career. “It’s a great show of their determination and spirit”, adds Carl. 

 So how does SuperGrad figure in these talented Graduates lives? “Companies such as SuperGrad are really important” says Ali, “when you leave University your main worry is getting a job and it is a hard world out there, so if there is a company like SuperGrad it’s really great support.” Just like any sport- no player can be the best they can be without the help and support of a coach, providing constant advice and reassurance. With SuperGrad, our Graduates become part of the team- working with us to make their graduate career the biggest success possible.

“In a game like netball, you need to be a team player, it’s not about individuals. It’s what the team does that wins games.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Interview by Tom Crabb – @Tom_Crabb
Photo by Alex Crane