Being one of the leading university’s in the world for Sports, Alan Buzza- Loughborough’s Strategic Manager of Performance Sport knows how sport can deeply change the university experience and even career prospects for students. 

“The link between sport and employability is massive for us” says Buzza, “There is a focus on employability but it’s more about personal development for us, that is absolutely core to what we do and I guess that tracks straight over to employability. That’s what we are about to a large degree, the sport and success that comes off the back of it is absolutely crucial”.

For 2012, over 60% of Graduates from Loughborough went straight into employment and research carried out by British Universities and Colleges Sport has shown that  ”the current average salary of graduates who engaged with sport at university is £32,552 compared with £26,728 for those who did not”. Not only does you pay bracket reflect engagement with sport, but your CV should too- with Graduate Recruiters, including SuperGrad, actively looking for and working with those that engage in sport- no matter what level.

So can playing sport help get you job, really? “Often I come across Graduates who have competed to a high level in sport but haven’t clearly stipulated this in their CV” states SuperGrad’s Principal Consultant Jono McGlashan “More and more employers are beginning to recognise the link between sport and employability. It shows dedication, time-management and a competitive spirit which, amongst other sought-after qualities, are key traits valued by all of our clients.” 

“I suspect companies such as SuperGrad are phenomenally important- if I was a student and  looking for a job”, adds Alan- we couldn’t agree more!
With so many firms offering Graduate roles, it’s important for Graduates to know that they are fully supported and both their career aspirations and natural skill set are listened to, in order to ensure a successful Graduate career. Find out about our Graduate opportunities on our Careers page, or check out our free Graduate career resources to help guide you on your Graduate career search. 

Interview by Tom Crabb – @Tom_Crabb
Photo by Alex Crane