June see’s the arrival of summer, the welcome return of the English beer-garden and the dreaded exam period. Whether you’re at university or school, clever or not, prepared or blagging it- exams affect us all, making us nervous, motivated and sometimes a little scared. 

Having searched high and low for the best tips and tricks to get you through, these are the 5 BEST ways to get you through the next few weeks…

1. Organise a decent night’s sleep. 
No-one can function properly when they haven’t slept well enough. From binge-eating to forgetfulness- no-one wants to turn up to an exam full of grease but without their study notes. Take this short quiz to find out how sleep deprived you really are…

2. Preparing to fail?
Taking half an hour to plan could be the most productive 30 minutes of your day. Blocking in time to sleep, exercise, eat and take regular breaks can help keep you motivated and focused. Examtime is a great way to break down your revision load, plan your time effectively and set yourself daily goals and tasks to complete- and it’s completely FREE!

3. Exercise
You may not have time to spend hours in the gym- but a little bit of movement goes a long way. Take a 15 minute walk around the block with your revision cards, do some squats whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, or even set yourself hours targets (10 push-ups every hour = 100 push up’s a day!). Whether your a gym-junkie or just fed-up of seeing the same four walls, there are loads of ways to fit in exercise without sacrificing revision. 

4. Check out previous papers. 
Many exam boards keep their past exam papers on file. Do your research and use old exam papers to time yourself and prepare for the phrasing and delivery of questions. 

5. Ask for help. 
There are a number of people on hand to help- all you have to do is ask. Librarians know where the best books are hidden, your Student Services will have advice and counselling if the stress gets too tough and your friends are on hand to share a pizza with when there just isn’t enough time/energy/patience to cook. Don’t suffer alone. Here are just some of the internet resources out there to help you through without even leaving your desk.

Image from SuperGrad Pinterest Board