Photo Credit: Elia Colombo


It’s easy to think that you may not have what it takes to land your dream job, or that you don’t have what it takes to earn 45k in your first year after graduation (something that is common for graduates who go through the SuperGrad Programme). Even more realistic goals like losing those 5 extra pounds can sometimes seem impossible. The reality of the situation is that we often get stuck in our own mindset and think that there’s a barrier that we just can’t cross. This happens in our careers – we set up some false imaginary limits and then stick within our comfort zone. The important thing is to realise that it’s all in your head.

You may not see these barriers. Maybe you aren’t really aware of their existence or maybe you are too aware of them and don’t even consider looking over the fence. Here are some examples that may help to make the point.


The 4 Minute Mile

On 5th May 1954 the consensus of opinion of all experts, doctors, trainers and so on was that it was not humanly possible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Athletes had been trying for years and nobody had been able to break through this impenetrable barrier.

On 6th May Roger Bannister achieved the impossible, but amazingly as soon as Roger had achieved this feat he was joined very quickly by a guy called John Landy, many more over next few years and even a schoolkid soon after that! With hindsight, it is clear that Roger’s real victory had not been to break through the physical barrier, as there obviously hadn’t been one, his real success was in breaking through the psychological barrier and once he had done so cleared the way for others to follow.


No more than 16 Headhunts per Month

Another example much closer to home is about one of our SuperGrads we had placed into a leading firm in the city. Each member of the team she had joined consistently made around 16 headhunts per month. It was quite obvious that the mindset of the team was that 16 was normal, 20 would be amazing, but you could never get 30.

On her 3rd day of training (on the SuperGrad core training course) this consultant had 17 on-target candidates promising to send over their CV’s. This consultant had potentially achieved more in 1 day than her colleagues were taking a whole month to achieve! It was now no longer possible for her to hold onto previously held beliefs about what was achievable within a month, and her colleagues also had to adjust their beliefs to accommodate these new figures too.

What limits have you set for yourself, either knowingly or subconsciously, that are stopping you from achieving your potential?


Mindset Management

If you don’t believe that you can be exceptional, then it is very unlikely that you will be. Many people say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’, but in this case, and often in life, it’s the other way around. You need to believe that you will be successful first and then success is often just around the corner.

At SuperGrad we see a lot of graduates spending too much time and energy worrying about all the reasons why they cannot be successful, rather than focusing on everything they can do to make it happen. Those that do the later and believe in themselves will be the ones to achieve greatness. As Henry Ford once said ‘If you believe you can or you cannot, you’re absolutely right!’.



SuperGrad runs the SuperGrad Programme, a programme designed specifically for the most punchy and ambitious graduates to help them secure the most exciting jobs within the city’s leading headhunting firms. As part of the programme, SuperGrad also provides extensive training and mentoring, both throughout the interview process and whilst in the role to ensure exceptional performance.